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There is not a one size fits all solution when it comes to the human body. Today's most popular fitness plans and diets may not be the best for you or your body. In fact, it's most certainly not, because they weren't made for you. They were made for many. What works well for your body is unique because it is unique. You and your neighbor likely don't share the same metabolism, or the same medical history, or live identical lifestyles, have similar genetics, or even have the same fitness goals. With our certified personal trainers, exercise physiologists, and nutritionists working together to develop a plan made just for you, what you get is genuinely Your Fitness Solution and no one else's.  Let's get started today!

Personal FITNESS Services


One on One
Personal Training

Whether you are training to be the next American Ninja Warrior, are looking to lose some holiday weight , or simply want to know the "right" way to approach a goal (or a workout machine), our exceptional personal trainers are here to be a source of knowledge, encouragement, and motivation. Their number one goal is your number one goal.

Nutrition Plans

Contrary to belief, there is no single "one size fits all" diet plan capable of providing everyone with all of the right nutrients and in all of the right amounts. Taking into account your medical history, known genetics, a brief health assessment, and more, we engineer a nutrition plan to be precisely what your unique body needs today to thrive. An accurate nutrition plan is the first step in achieving an overall healthier, happier you.

Excercise Plan

Not all exercise routines are created equal. If you don't feel you are seeing the results you are striving for with your current exercise plan, it may not be you that is the problem. We are frequently reviewing and adjusting exercise plans . If you don't know where to start navigating your current challenges, don't stress over it. We're here to listen, analyze, and contribute to your health's success story.

Motivation Techniques

The only thing more important than having a good plan is having good follow through. If you're feeling a little less than motivated one day, or every day, we're here to help with that too! We've found that the best way to help someone do something they don't want to do, is to first help them want to do it. We work with you to find and develop your positive motivators that make the path just as enjoyable as the destination, and sometimes more!

What people are saying...

      After 6 months working from home in 2020, I decided it was time to see a trainer. Michael was the first person to respond and reached out immediately to chat. Right away I could see his energy and passion for Personal Training, Fitness & Nutrition. I’ve now been working with Michael for 3.5 months, and my husband and two of our friends have started seeing him too.
    What we love about Michael: He tailors our regiments to our body types to help us get the fastest results. He's invested a lot in his education, with two Masters in exercise physiology and biomechanics, and so he is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to help us understand the right positioning and what muscles we are strengthening with each movement. He pushes us to our limits, but not past our limits which is what I found my past trainers did. He reads us very well and we get the most out of our workouts without killing us. He’s also an absolute blast which makes me look forward to going back twice a week – with other trainers, I didn’t last long because they missed the mark and didn't seem as invested in my success. Amazing experience aside, I’m seeing RESULTS! I recently had some pictures taken on a holiday and shared with family/friends. Many haven’t seen me due to the pandemic but they all noticed the difference, and I could see the difference! I’ve toned up and I feel great. I’ve learned so much and hopefully one day I’ll be able to go on my own, but until then, I’m so glad I found Michael!!

    Meryl H.

      Michael is amacing he is very professional he pushs and motivate us work outs in a clean and nice gym
    We love it

    Josef K.

      Michael is great. He's super encouraging and great to work with. I've had several trainers in the past, but none have been quite as qualified as him. He's not just a guy to help you get fit, he really knows the science behind every movement (his background is quite impressive). It's like asking a rocket scientist to help build a 5th grade volcano for the science fair - probably overqualified to be a trainer, but I'm glad to have him!

    Jason S.

      I feel so lucky to have found Michael and YFS through thumbtack! I never thought I’d be looking for a personal trainer, but after struggling to find a class or routine that didn’t risk irritating my herniated discs in my back, I decided it was time to invest in a personalized plan. Michaels knowledge and background is impressive and he really cares about all his clients and the quality of services he and all the trainers are providing. I am not a gym person by nature but I really enjoyed working with Michael and learned so much.

    Dana S.

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