3 Simple Steps to Staying In Shape On Your Vacation

People work so hard getting in shape for their vacation. They spend months dieting, working with a fitness professional, hiring a registered dietitian and put the work in the gym on their own. They reach their goals whether it is losing weight and toning up or bulking up for the beach. Then they get to their vacation and the work that they put into it starts to diminish. They either don’t workout at all or eat whatever they want. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but what if I told you there were three simple step you can take to staying in shape and keeping those gains that you worked so hard at achieving. 

  1. Workout in the Mornings
  2. Bring Protein Powders or Bars to eat 
  3. Stay Hydrated

1. Workout in the Mornings

When you are vacationing whether it is at the beach, in the mountains or even in a different country working out is going to be a stretch to accomplish on a consistent basis. I feel that working out in the morning before you go to the beach, start drinking or really get your day structured is the best case scenario. You can get it out of the way, get that amazing muscle pump, burn a few extra calories and get ready for the day. As the day goes on and ( in case you didn’t notice I like going to the beach for vacations) you’ll get a lot of sun, drink a little and just get tired as the day goes on. For my wife and myself we get up in the morning and go straight to the gym. It allows us to get a good lift in and start the day like we would back home. It still gives us some sense of structure and gives us the sense of staying in shape. 

2. Bring Protein Bars or Powders

When it comes to going on vacation the best feeling is not having to cook every meal and clean up after. The downside of this is that you are probably not going to get an accurate calculation of macronutrients that you are eating. For myself getting enough protein is the hardest part. Carbs and fats are definitely easier to hit. The easiest way for me to get enough protein in while I am not at home is to bring a few servings of protein powder and a few protein bars. This allows me to get close to the proper percentage of protein that I usual eat on a daily basis. For an example, If you are on vacation for 7 days and you workout 3 days that week you will have an exponentially better chance of maintaining your muscle mass if you are getting enough protein throughout your trip. 

3. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always a big factor in staying healthy, but it can be harder to do when you are in the sun for an extended period of time and even harder if you have a few drinks throughout the day. The best way that you can do this is to drink water in the morning when you wake up, during lunch instead of drinking carbonated or alcoholic drinks have 1-2 glasses of water. Keep in mind when you’re exploring, or seeking out secluded spots on the beach, there might not be shops or cafes nearby. A cool bag with ice will help keep the drinks chilled. 

Those are my three simple steps that I take to help stay fit on vacation. It is nothing earth shattering, but three small steps to help you. YOU worked hard to get in shape to being with. Don’t let all of  that work go to waste. Keep that momentum rolling. It can be hard to stay on track and it is totally fine with enjoying yourself away from home. Life is all about moderation whether it is on the left or right Side of the fitness spectrum. Enjoy life. 

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