Full Back and Bicep Workout – Hardgainer Workout Series EP 1

Yo Guys!
Here is the first video of my new youtube series for the Hardgainer. This series is going to focus on helping people that have a hard time adding lean mass due to fast a metabolism. I have had this problem and continue to manipulate my food and workouts to overcome a fast metabolism to help add muscle.

This video is a full back and Bicep Workout that I completed.

Face Pulls3x12-15
Straight Arm Pulldown 3×10
Upward Cable Row 3×10
Rack Pulls 5×5
Overhand/Underhand Barbell Row 3×10/SuperSet 10 reps
TBar Row 3×10

Rope Curls 3×10
High Cable Curls 3×10 each arm
Hammer Curls 3×10

If you guys have any questions please feel free to comment and I will answer back. Also, check out my videos, website and other social media platforms

Full Back and Bicep Workout – Hardgainer Workout Series EP 1

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