Dealing With Adversity

Adversity can come in a different number of ways. Physically, mentally, emotionally etc. It can come in the form of injuries, lost jobs, loved ones, etc. There is one trait that can come out on top though…. One’s character.

There are uses to adversity, but they don't reveal themselves until tested. Until your back is up against the wall and it's either fight or flight. There are always going to be setbacks. Usually when you start towards a goal you are only focused on the positive outcomes and that the task at hand is only going to be downhill… As you should. As I started my journey to competing in a physique competition in April the work began in September. It is now Mid-February and I up until last week I had only missed two training days and they were the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. I had calculated every calorie I had eaten, loggen every workout that I completed and was seeing great results. It was all an uphill trajectory. Two weeks ago I had a major setback. I had gone skiing with my wife and her family (my first time doing any kind of winter sport) Two days after I started to experience excruciating lower back pain and on the third day I couldn’t even lie down, sit down or walk. I had to take an entire week off from working out and it definitely started to affect me mentally and emotionally. Because how I was feeling my nutrition was off and I started to see the reverse effects of it in my physique…. Was I really that out of shape NO. It takes way longer to lose muscle, but I wasn’t progressing which was the biggest mental barrier. Every time I would look in the mirror it was disappointment and the feeling of letting myself and everyone else down. I had a choice to make. I could either cave in and feel sorry for myself or come up with another plan to complete the task at hand and that is to compete in April. I took the second approach and started to come up with a gameplan with my coach and we started working at it.

We are now 10 weeks out and I know that EVERYTHING has to be perfect from here on out. It's time to work as hard as we were before, but now we have more intention. We have to listen to my body and make sure we take certain precautions when it comes to my back. We are working so hard. My nutrition is now back on track and we are hitting every single number that we need to. As I like to say, having that Mamba mentality. RIP Kobe. No matter what you are going through, never give up and always work towards your goals and dreams. Lastly, nothing ever worthwhile ever comes easy.

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