Skinny Fat to Six Pack Abs:

For this blog post I thought it was appropriate to talk about a body composition issue with guys. This composition name is Skinny Fat or more notably The Dad Bod. So what exactly is skinny fat? Skinny fat is a type of body composition where someone has a low amount of muscle mass and a higher amount of fat mass. In men they usually hold a majority of the fat in the abdominal region. You know what Im talking about. We’ve all seen guys where they have super skinny arms and legs and that spare tire around their stomach. The main problem is that people don’t know where to start. They want to add muscle and bulk up, but they also need to lose some of that extra unwanted weight. There are two kinds of skinny fat and I am going to break down exactly where each type needs to start and a specific strategy to help you get from skinny fat to six pack abs.

Type I: Low Muscle mass and medium fat mass.

Type I is your stereotypical skinny fat. We have someone that is either very new to the gym or has never been to the gym so they don’t have a lot of muscle mass. Their diet is also probably not ideal for adding muscle. So where do we start? Bulking or Cutting? The answer is BULKING. I have guys all the time asking me they have no idea where to start so I break it down for them. If you were to start a cut you don’t have any muscle mass to show off so you will look even smaller than you already do. Also, physiologically when someone starts to to workout they have a small window to not just add muscle to their frame they can also burn fat at the same time so why not utilize that window and maximize that time. From an exercise standpoint you need to be lifting 4-5x per week to get the most out of your strength and bodybuilding program.

Type II: Medium muscle and high fat mass.

Type II is a little different than Type I because Type II probably has experience working out in the gym so they have some muscle mass. The problem with them is that their diet is probably off and not accurate for their specific body needs and they are not doing enough cardio to burn the excess amount of body fat. This group needs to do a cut before bulking so they don’t continue to add more fat mass to their frame. Instead of doing 4-5x strength training per week they should do 3x strength training and 2-3x cardio per week. This will give them the boost in metabolism and allow them to burn more calories than doing standard strength training alone.

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